Vent science team

Dr Jon Copley: deep-sea biologist from the University of Southampton, and Chief Scientist of the Indian Ocean vents project.

Leigh Marsh: marine ecology PhD student from the University of Southampton.

Colleagues aboard

RRS James Cook Voyage 67 actually takes place during RRS James Cook Voyage 66, a separate research project led by Prof Alex Rogers of Oxford University. Alex's project is exploring seamounts in the Indian Ocean, and we are diverting the ship for a few days during that expedition to explore nearby deep-sea vents for our project. Our work at the vents would therefore not be possible without the assistance of the science team aboard for the seamounts project, who are listed on the seamounts project webpages.

Our work at the vents would also not be possible without the support of the engineers from UK National Marine Facilities aboard the RRS James Cook, the ship's crew, and the Kiel6000 ROV team sailing with us.

Please click here for an interactive guide to the RRS James Cook and her crew.

Colleagues ashore

While Jon and Leigh are at sea on this expedition, they are supported by other members of their Chemosynthetic Environments Research Team back home.

Verity Nye: marine ecology PhD student at the University of Southampton.

Diva Amon: marine ecology PhD student at the University of Southampton and the Natural History Museum in London.

Expedition diary

Check out our regular reports on the progress of the voyage, and what we're finding on the ocean floor.
What's happening aboard?